January 29, 2024

What is Shadow Ban on YouTube?

When a YouTube user’s content is shadowbanned, their videos won’t appear in search results, recommended videos, or any other areas where the platform’s algorithms might typically display them. Oftentimes, this can be a huge loss of visibility for the channel and cause it to suffer a significant drop in engagement, views, and subscribers. YouTube does not notify users when they are shadowbanned and may only inform them of such a restriction if it is considered to be in error by the company’s support team.

The main reason that content creators are shadowbanned on YouTube is because their content violates the platform’s community guidelines. This can include anything from explicit content to racist or offensive language, which could trigger the algorithm into flagging the video for review. Other reasons that a YouTube video might be shadowbanned include the use of inappropriate keywords or spammy techniques to increase views and engagement, which can also trigger the algorithm.

To test whether you are being shadowbanned on YouTube, try logging in to the site with an account that isn’t subscribed to yours or using Incognito mode. Then, enter your channel name along with some of your most popular videos into the search bar and see if they appear in the results. You can also attempt to comment on a video using your suspected account and then sort the comments by newest to see if yours disappear from the list, which is a good sign that you’re being shadowbanned.

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