January 29, 2024

What is Saved Image Attribution?

What is saved image attribution?

If you are using images from online databases (for example Artsor, Early Encounters or Grove Art Online) it is best practice to always save a copy of the original attribution for each image used on your site. This can be done by clicking on the'share' or 'download' arrow button which will reveal the short URL link for direct access to the CC image - click and save this to your file system. It is also good practice to use consistent file management, and keep an inventory of all images used for each presentation or learning object in a spreadsheet (or similar).

It is also essential that you do your research on any image you are considering using - if it is not listed as being in the public domain (i.e. Creative Commons 0) then you are required to 'credit' the author by providing a permalink to their full attribution for your own reference - failure to do this could result in legal proceedings. In general, a 'credit' should include the Creator's name, Title of the image, Source of the image (Full URL to image source page/Database to track the source) and a hyperlink to their full attribution deed.

This is a requirement for any Creative Commons Licensed image - if an image is not clearly attributed then you are in breach of the terms of your CC license (unless it's CC0). It takes a bit of time and effort to do this correctly but it helps ensure that copyright holders are credited for their work.

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