January 31, 2024

What is Digital Media Sales?

When most people think of working in media, they envision being on-set or behind the scenes as a producer. However, there is another career path in media that is equally exciting and rewarding – media sales. Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl for the commercials or finding the perfect pair of jeans on a clothing website, every ad you see (both printed and digital) has likely gone through the hands of a media sales professional.

Digital media sales is a complex field that combines relationship-building, strategic thinking, and client service with technology and sales expertise. It is critical to have a clear understanding of the digital landscape and how it relates to your clients’ marketing objectives in order to be successful.

As advertising continues to evolve, the role of digital media sales professionals is becoming increasingly important. Digital media enables advertisers to deliver personalized messages that meet consumers in their own “micro-moments.” This type of targeted and responsive advertising is becoming more influential in driving brand awareness, product purchases, and customer loyalty.

The qualifications for a job in digital media sales can vary depending on the level of the role you are applying for, but generally speaking proven sales experience is a must along with a solid grasp of the industry and a strong desire to succeed. Many sales executives start out in entry-level roles and then work their way up to account management or business development, depending on their skills and interests.

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