January 30, 2024

What Is Dark Traffic on Bitly?

Dark social traffic is a significant problem that makes it difficult to get a true picture of your website's visitors and the success of your marketing efforts. If left unaccounted for, it can skew your strategic decisions based on incorrect assumptions about what is driving traffic to your website.

Essentially, dark social refers to any shared link that is not recorded in your analytics platform (like Google Analytics). These links are typically passed through private channels like email or instant messaging apps, and therefore do not pass the referral source information which would tell web analytics programs where it came from.

While there is no way to completely eliminate dark traffic, there are several things you can do to mitigate its effect. For example, incorporating UTM codes into your URLs will help you track where your traffic is coming from. This will ensure that Google is getting the correct information about where your traffic is coming from.

Another good strategy is to create a segment in your Google Analytics dashboard for direct traffic. This will help you isolate the dark traffic from the rest of your website's traffic. Then you can focus on finding out what specific pages are impacted by this and understand the impact of your social sharing tactics better.

To do this, go to Behaviour > Site Content and look at All Pages. You can filter out the top-level pages that you might expect to be visited directly (like your homepage or a category page) so you're only left with longer, hard-to-remember pages that people might have landed on through a dark channel.

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