January 31, 2024

What is Customer Experience Analytics? The Big Picture

If you’re looking to deliver top-notch customer experience that generates desired ROI, it’s crucial to understand your customers. That’s where customer experience analytics comes in. CX analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing customer data to find hidden patterns that help you identify pain points, improve the user experience, and ultimately boost product growth.

CX analytics can take many forms, from traditional surveys to sophisticated machine learning-based systems. But they all serve the same purpose: to help businesses make data-driven decisions based on the collected feedback and customer data. This allows brands to provide more personalized and smoother experiences for their customers, which in turn leads to greater loyalty and higher ROI.

The key to success is transforming raw solicited and unsolicited customer feedback into actionable insights your teams can act on. This can be challenging, especially when teams are overwhelmed with data. However, it can be made easier when you have a CX analytics solution that takes the guesswork out of identifying and resolving issues.

For example, Mixpanel is a great tool that helps SaaS companies analyze each step of the user journey in nitty-gritty details, including how many users complete each milestone, at what stage they churn or stall, and more. It can also identify the top factors that delight and concern customers to give you a better understanding of your customers and how to shape the products and services they want. Read our article What is Customer Experience Analytics: The Big Picture to learn more about the benefits of using a CX analytics tool.

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