January 31, 2024

What is Clickbait in YouTube?

In short, clickbait is sensationalist and misleading content that entices readers to access articles or videos that are usually far less exciting or informative than the title suggests. It can take many forms, including headlines, video thumbnails, and online ads. The goal of clickbait is to generate page views and online ad revenue at the expense of quality or accuracy.

YouTube video clickbait uses images that are bold and eye-catching to encourage viewers to watch the full video. These thumbnails typically depict a scenario that incites curiosity and/or provokes emotions. They may also use words that evoke fear, excitement, or suspense. YouTubers often use images of animals or people to create compelling visuals for their videos. Because more and more users are watching YouTube on their mobile devices, it is important that clickbait thumbnails be optimized for mobile screens.

Another important factor in YouTube video clickbait is the text that is featured on the thumbnail and title. The text needs to be interesting and engaging, but it should not be too misleading or exaggerated. This is because viewers are unlikely to engage with a video that they believe fails to live up to its promise.

A good way to make your YouTube video thumbnails more appealing is by addressing your audience directly. Using the word “you” in your title can instantly connect with viewers and convey that you are addressing their needs or interests. Similarly, using the word “your” in a headline can make viewers feel like they are being invited to participate in an exclusive experience.

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