January 30, 2024

What Is Being Shadowbanned on Tiktok?

What Is Being Shadowbanned on Tiktok

If you’re experiencing a sudden drop in engagement, a decrease in your growth results and a sudden lack of visibility for your content, you may have been shadow banned on tiktok. This is a punishment that’s hidden from your view and is only felt by those who are already following you. This is a very frustrating experience, especially when you know that your content has been successful up to this point.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to be sure if you’re being shadowbanned on tiktok without checking the platform’s rules and regulations. But the most important thing to do is stay away from anything that could be considered a violation of any rules. This includes hate speech, promoting racism, terrorism or violence, nudity, using forbidden hashtags, movie spoilers, spam behavior and so on.

The best thing to do to prevent getting shadowbanned on tiktok is to abide by all of the community guidelines. It’s also a good idea to check your account regularly, and respond to any notifications you receive in a timely manner. Ignoring warnings can escalate the severity of your penalties.

It’s also a good idea to delete your latest video (if possible) to see if this might have been the one that got flagged and caused your ban. And finally, try to avoid liking or following too many accounts in a day – this can be perceived as spamming and will most likely trigger a ban.

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