January 31, 2024

What is an Intended Audience?

An intended audience is a set of people that are most likely to use and benefit from your products or services. Identifying your intended audience allows for precise targeting and personalization of your marketing efforts, which increases the chances of success. It also helps allocate resources more efficiently, as you focus on those who are most likely to buy your product, rather than casting a wider net with less specific marketing tactics.

The intended audience concept is a little different than the target market definition in that the latter focuses on those who have yet to interact with your business in any way (or have shown interest). For example, the cold audience for an automotive company would be those who have never driven a car or leased a dealership. This is a group that needs to be targeted with paid marketing campaigns, and requires more in-depth customer research to make an impact.

On the other hand, the intended audience for a sports team’s fans may already be familiar with their brand. They have purchased merchandise and attended games, and regularly share their love for the team on social media. The intended audience for this group could be upsold similar products or services to further their loyalty and increase the average customer lifetime value for your business.

Ultimately, the intended audience for your business is defined by the unique pain points that your products or services solve. For example, a cybersecurity product may target individuals who prioritize data security in their digital interactions.

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