January 30, 2024

What is an Attribution Tag?

An attribution tag is a parameterized URL used in off-Amazon ads to track traffic and sales to Amazon products. Attribution tags are generated within the Amazon Attribution dashboard and can be used for a variety of ad types including Facebook and Google Ads.

When using an attribution tag, it is important to consider how the reader will read the wording. The best option is to use the simple wording “Said by” or “Meaning by”. Other words of attribution carry connotations and are usually only appropriate in specific situations, such as "according to" when providing background that is already established in continuing stories.

The location of an attribution tag is also important. Generally, it should be placed at the end of the quote or after the first natural pause in the flow of the sentence. If the attribution is placed before the quote, it should only be done if it signifies a change in speakers and the reader deserves early notice. For example, “She said the car began sliding sideways and then hit the tree.”

When it comes to influencer marketing, an attribution tag is an essential tool for tracking the performance of off-Amazon advertising campaigns. When working with an influencer, make sure that they are given a unique Attribution tag for each campaign to ensure accurate reporting. To generate an Attribution tag, go to the Amazon Attribution dashboard and select 'Create a new attribution tag'. Then name the campaign, select a publisher (Facebook or Google), channel (this is the type of ad such as video or display) and destination link.

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