February 23, 2024

What is an Advertising Platform?

When people think of digital advertising platforms, they may immediately consider Google Ads or Facebook Ads. However, there are many other platforms that have different value propositions and options for advertisers.

BuySellAds, for instance, is an ad platform that allows businesses of all sizes to manage their own advertising campaigns. Its robust analytics tools, targeting capabilities and ad placement options are what make this ad network a top choice among online retailers and brand managers alike.

Another popular option is LinkedIn Ads, which helps brands reach business executives and professionals who make high-level decisions. Its specialized ad formats and user base of 774 million professionals make it an ideal platform for reaching a highly targeted audience with effective marketing messaging.

Another option is BidVertiser, which is an ad platform that focuses on advanced retargeting for eCommerce marketers and brand managers. Its retargeting tools are able to identify users who have visited a website or social media channel and then re-engage them with a brand’s content. This is what makes it a favorite among e-commerce marketers and brand managers looking to increase conversions and boost ROI.

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