February 22, 2024

What Is a Video Concept?

A video concept is a rough sketch of a video that captures the goals, audience and core message of your project. It’s a key element of pre-production that helps you hone in on the best ideas and ensure your video will be able to deliver on its promise once it's finished.

Brainstorm with a team - Bounce your initial creative video ideas off of others in your organization. Two heads are better than one, and you might be surprised at the creative new directions that come to mind. Remember, it’s not a time to be critical; even outlandish ideas can spark a new way of viewing your project or its potential audience.

Focus on the best concepts - After brainstorming, collect your team's feedback and select the idea that most clearly addresses your goal(s) and resonates with your target audience. Then, use the rest of your pre-production to flesh out this vision further.

Plan the visuals - Using a simple, collaborative tool (like a document, spreadsheet or project management system) or storyboard software, collect aesthetically similar bits of visual inspiration that will help you visualize how specific scenes in your video might play out. You’re not trying to create art for the Louvre, just a framework for your video that you can reference as you begin shooting.

Define the Call-To-Action - Be sure you know what action you want your audience to take after watching your video. This will be a crucial part of your video’s messaging, and should be clear and compelling throughout the video.

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