January 30, 2024

What is a Vanity URL?

If you are using a vanity url, then you have taken your existing URL and made it shorter, more branded, and easier to remember. This is also useful if you plan on sharing the link outside of your website, such as in print or social media.

Vanity URLs are also useful for SEO purposes. They can help you to create a direct association between keywords and your brand, so that people are more likely to trust your content. This is especially important if you are using multiple 301 redirects in your SEO strategy, so that you can keep the intrinsic ranking power of the original URL intact while converting it to a short, more branded, and easy to remember URL.

Vanity URLs are a great way to promote links in offline marketing, such as printed material or social media. For example, you can use a branded URL to promote a competition or new promotion on your social accounts. This makes it easier for your audience to remember the link and can encourage more interaction with your brand. You may also find that a shortened and branded link is more appealing to your audience when used in contexts where they are not able to click on it, such as on a billboard or in a physical event. A Vanity URL can also make it much easier to share the link with a short amount of text, as opposed to a long string of characters that could confuse users or be difficult to type on their phone.

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