January 29, 2024

What is a Roundup Post?

A roundup post is a list of articles that provide valuable insight or solutions to a specific topic. It is a great way to create content that adds value for your audience while also building backlinks and traffic for your blog. The key to a successful roundup post is ensuring that the question asked and the contributors selected are of high quality. By keeping this in mind, you can avoid the trap of publishing a post that is not as valuable to your readers as it could have been.

When creating a roundup post, it is important to pick a topic that is going to have plenty of potential answers. You can use tools like ahrefs’ Content Explorer or BuzzSumo to help you find ideas for a topic and a good question for your roundup. It is also a good idea to break your roundup up into sections or subsections to make it easier for readers to digest the information. For example, if you are doing a roundup of recipes for Thanksgiving, you may want to break it up into Main Dishes, Breads, Side Dishes, and Desserts.

When reaching out to participants, it is a good idea to let them know that the roundup post is live and ask them to share it with their followers. This will ensure that the content gets maximum exposure. When reaching out, be sure to follow best practices for cold emails in order to increase your chances of getting a response. Articles such as the Quick Sprout post and this one from Webris are good guides to follow.

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