February 23, 2024

What Is a Product Feature?

Product features are distinct areas of newly improved capabilities that add value to the user. These can include visual attributes, components, email automation, performance upgrades, and more. For product managers, defining and prioritizing features is a critical process. Getting this right ensures that new functionality is being built to support customer goals and meet business objectives. This helps avoid a hodgepodge of features that ultimately end up being unneeded or even annoying for customers.

There is a significant difference between product features and product benefits, so it’s important to understand these differences in the context of how they apply to your marketing efforts. While product features describe the physical attributes of a product, products’ benefits highlight how users experience and benefit from those physical attributes.

For example, an umbrella’s physical attributes might include a plastic handle and pink cloth; its benefits could be keeping the user dry or under shade. It’s important to remember that product features must be clearly positioned as a solution to a specific user challenge or pain point.

The best way to do this is by following a structured approach to writing product features. Each one should be tied back to a larger product goal, and it should also have measurable objectives that help track progress on that goal. This helps teams focus on what matters most while maintaining a high level of quality. For example, the “Trending” feature on Facebook gained popularity for its quick overview of popular news and articles, but it eventually fell out of favor due to accusations of political bias.

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