January 29, 2024

What is a POV in Business Selling?

If you want to get better at lifting weights, don’t jump into the gym without learning proper techniques. The same applies to selling – don’t try to master POV sales without leveraging structured processing systems to manage someone else’s expectations. The same goes for POV selling – it’s not a magic pill that will cure your sales woes, but if done properly, it can speed up the presales process by closing sales more quickly and effectively.

Many times, the difference between POC and POV is misunderstood by business owners and sales professionals. While POC proves that a product works, POV proves the value to customers and stakeholders.

A POV is a short document that details how a solution will help solve a prospect’s problems or achieve desired results. It includes technical validation and business case, and it also addresses customer usecases, pricing and their potential return on investment. The document may include a demonstration of the product, a sample data set and a report with recommendations.

A POV is sometimes called a POC Light as it is a shorter, less intensive version of POC. It can be used to speed up the presales process by closing sales and moving deals to procurement or contract if successful. It also ensures that the solution will work within the prospect’s technology ecosystem and meet their business objectives. It can also save time and cost by identifying and addressing issues early in the development cycle, or stopping you from wasting resources on something that will not deliver expected value.

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