January 29, 2024

What Is a Growth Manager?

A growth manager is a company executive who uses hard-core tactics to grow the number of active users and customers. Unlike a growth hacker, a growth manager focuses on using derived patterns instead of trying new and unproven marketing channels. A successful growth manager has a deep understanding of user behavior and can make accurate conclusions from data. They work closely with the product, analytics, and design departments to create and implement growth strategies.

Identifying the ‘aha moment’ – the point when potential users understand the value of your product – is one of a growth manager’s key duties. Using customer behavioral analysis, they can identify key moments that lead to conversion. For example, when Facebook’s early growth team was led by Chamath Palihapitiya, they determined that users who made seven or more friends in their first ten days of signing up were likely to keep using the site.

Growing the customer base by leveraging paid advertising is another vital function of a growth manager. They can use ad targeting, lookalike audiences, and ad sequencing to drive results. This requires a good knowledge of advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Power Editor.

Growth managers can also supercharge your customer acquisition by implementing a referral program. They can identify rewards to offer for referrals and software solutions that help track performance. They can also review your landing to conversion journey to ensure the user experience is smooth. This includes ensuring there are no drop-offs between different marketing channels and that your content offers value for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

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