February 22, 2024

What Is A Good CTR For LinkedIn Ads?

When you're monitoring your LinkedIn campaign, it's important to see how your performance benchmarks compare with the overall LinkedIn advertising community. CTR, CPC, conversion rate and cost per lead are key metrics to monitor when reviewing your LinkedIn ad dashboard.

Depending on the type of LinkedIn ads you're running, these metrics will vary. However, a healthy range for these KPIs will generally be above 0.4%. For example, if your CTR is a good 2% or above, it shows that you're effectively reaching your audience and promoting relevant content.

For sponsored content ads, which appear in the newsfeed of your target audience, a CTR of 3-4% is typical. This is a great metric for top of funnel campaigns, as it means that your audience is engaging with the content and being converted into leads.

Another ad format that requires a high CTR is sponsored inMail, which allows you to send your information directly to leads via their inbox. This ad format is more likely to convert, as it's more of a direct way to engage with your leads and promote relevant content.

The next metric to look at is the average cost-per-click, or CPC. This will help you determine how much your LinkedIn ads are costing when people click through them to visit your site or landing page. This is a crucial metric, as it can help you control your ad budgets and ensure that you're getting the most out of your LinkedIn investment.

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