February 23, 2024

What Is a Funnel Used For?

A funnel is a kitchen utensil with an open top that slopes down and narrows to create a small opening used for transferring liquid or powder into smaller containers. The funnel may have a filter plate to strain out larger particles, and the opening can be fitted with a seal to prevent leaks. Funnels are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and uses. They're typically made of materials that are durable, chemically inert, easy to clean, and can be used for repeated applications over extended periods of time.

Laboratory Funnels

A laboratory funnel is used to introduce liquids into a container with a narrow opening, such as a graduated cylinder, test tube, or beaker. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with options like a separating or Buchner funnel that's equipped with a fritted glass disc or paper for quick filtration. They're also steam autoclavable to withstand the heat and harsh chemicals that are often used in laboratories.

A canning funnel is a useful tool for pouring foods like beans, nuts, or dried fruit into long-term storage containers, such as jars and airtight plastic bags. This eliminates messy spills and wasted food, and can save money by reducing grocery store waste.

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