January 29, 2024

What Does Shadow Banned Mean on YouTube?

If you’ve been noticing your reach or engagement on YouTube has been slowing down, it could be due to a shadowban. While the exact mechanism isn’t clear, it’s widely understood that social media platforms can limit the visibility of accounts if they believe them to have violated their terms of service or community guidelines. The key difference is that users aren’t typically notified when this occurs, which gives the process a very “shadowy” feel.

Most recently, YouTube faced backlash after PewDiePie (one of its biggest creators with an eye-watering 111 million subscribers) claimed that his channel was being shadowbanned. The company vehemently denied this, citing slower content moderation as a result of Covid-19 as the most likely reason for his video’s disappearance from search results and recommendations.

However, shadow banning is a very real issue that can be difficult to detect. It’s not just YouTube, but can happen across almost all social media sites. In this article, we’ll explain what does shadow banned mean on youtube, how to fix it if it happens to you and ways to avoid being shadowbanned in the future.

In order to avoid being shadowbanned, be sure to check your video titles and descriptions for keywords. Keywords that appear spammy or irrelevant can trigger the algorithm to flag your account, which may lead to a temporary ban. Additionally, avoid posting too many videos in a short period of time or using bots to artificially increase views and engagement.

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