February 23, 2024

What Does Rewrite and Republish Mean in WordPress?

If you've ever tried to manually duplicate a page or post on your website, you've probably realized that the process can be quite difficult. Even if you manage to successfully copy and paste content, it's likely that many of the important details such as page titles, meta information, and SEO settings will be lost in translation.

Thankfully, there's a plugin called Duplicate and Republish that makes it easy to duplicate posts and pages with just one click. It adds a new option, 'Clone,' along with 'New Draft' and 'Rewrite & Republish' to the list of available actions in the WordPress page editor and post list. By default, the plugin will display these options under the title and on the right side of the screen. You can toggle these options on and off in the 'Display' tab of the plugin settings.

You'll need to select a date in the future for the post or page you want to clone, and then enter the name of the new version of the post or page. Once you're finished editing, click 'Republish' and the new post or page will replace the original at the selected time.

You should note, however, that changing the date of a post or page can have some serious implications on the SEO performance of the content. It's best to avoid this if at all possible, especially when dealing with old, outdated content on your website. Changing the date is more effective in some cases when it comes to rewriting posts and pages to improve their visibility.

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