January 30, 2024

What Does Optimizing Your Phone Mean?

If your Android phone gets stuck on the ‘Android is optimizing apps’ notification for a long time, you might find yourself wondering about its purpose. The problem occurs mainly after installing a major software update on your device, as well as during the rebooting process due to glitches.

This happens as the system needs to optimize your old applications in order to make them compatible with the new software. The optimization process takes a considerable amount of time and might interrupt your work.

The process is done to reduce the burden on RAM and save battery by adding app that are not in use to the standby bucket. It limits the background processing of these apps and helps the phone to run fast. It also helps in saving the battery life and makes your smartphone more efficient.

To do this, the system precompiles and optimizes the apk files on first boot and creates dalvic-c file for each application in your memory. Then, the system optimizes them by using ART processor in the background and compiles them before they are executed in your device. This improves the performance of your phone by making it run faster and smoother.

To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that you install apps only from the Google Play Store. Moreover, you should not install apps from untrusted sources on the internet as they can cause issues with your device. It is recommended to backup your phone data regularly with the help of a reliable application like AnyDroid.

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