February 23, 2024

What Does Monthly Views Mean on Pinterest?

Have you ever popped into your Pinterest account and seen your monthly views take a nose dive? It’s discouraging, especially when you were just starting to see some results. What happened?!

Pinterest has changed the number of monthly views to more accurately reflect how often your Pins appear in other people’s home feeds, boards and search results. Monthly Views are now a total of the number of times your Pins appear in these places, including those you publish on Pinterest and those other people save from your website or claimed domain.

While a higher number of monthly views is great, it’s not enough by itself to drive traffic to your site. You need to also focus on regularly checking actual traffic via Pinterest and Google Analytics and optimising your content so that it brings you quality traffic, leads and sales.

The good news is that focusing on getting more monthly views does help you become visible to more people on Pinterest. This is especially important if your competitors have a large reach. However, there are many other metrics that you can use to analyse the effectiveness of your Pinterest strategy.

In addition to monthly views, you should be paying attention to your average Pin click rate and your Pin engagement rate. A high Pin click rate is a sign that your content is relevant and useful to your audience, while a high Pin engagement rate indicates that people like and are engaging with your Pins.

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