February 23, 2024

What Does Invite to Snapchat Mean?

When Snapchat displays the 'added by invite' message, it means that your friends added you to their list without having to accept your friend request. This allows them to maintain a more controlled network of connections, ensure privacy, and curate a friend list that is more meaningful.

Snapchat users can add friends through various methods, including adding them from a story, through a Snap code, by phone number, or by user name. However, adding a contact 'added by invite' is the least common method and indicates that they were invited to use Snapchat and later joined the service.

To add a friend using the 'added by invite' method, Snapchat will display a list of photos and ask you to choose the one that includes your friends Snapcode. Once selected, Snapchat will scan the code and notify you if the match is successful. Snapchat will then add the account to your list of friends and you can begin to snap and chat with them.

Cancel Invite Links allow Snapchat users to retract the invitations they have sent out to other users, which can be useful in situations where users accidentally send a friend request or change their mind about adding someone to their list. However, the 'cancel invite link' feature can also pose security and privacy concerns for Snapchat users, as it can expose their friends list and potentially compromise privacy. Therefore, it is important for Snapchat users to customize their privacy settings, be selective with friend requests, and regularly review their friend lists in order to effectively manage 'cancel invite links'.

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