January 31, 2024

What Does Embedding a Video Mean?

Video content is a huge part of any digital marketing strategy. It keeps your website visitors engaged and increases your overall marketing metrics. Whether it’s an explainer video, a video of your team members talking about the company, or a success story clip from one of your customers, videos are a great way to convey information quickly and efficiently.

However, if you want to get the most out of your videos, you need to embed them on your site. Embedding your video allows you to keep your visitors on your website longer, increase SEO, and gives you more control over how your video is displayed.

What does embedded mean?

To embed a video into your website, you need to use an iframe. This is the same code used by YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular websites to show their content. Typically, you would open the video in the page editor and then copy and paste the iframe code into your web page to embed it.

Another advantage of using iframes is that they work on all browsers. In contrast, the old method of doing this required a plugin like Flash, which only works in Internet Explorer.

Whether you are hosting your own videos or using a service like Wistia, it’s important to always embed them on your website. This is because by simply linking to a video, you are decreasing your time-on-site and possibly hurting your search engine optimization. Embedding videos lets you keep your visitors on your website, increases your SEO, and doesn’t require any extra plugins.

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