February 23, 2024

What Does Compare at Price Mean?

Compare at Price is a Shopify feature that lets you show the original price of a product compared to its new, discounted price. It’s an easy way to visually communicate your discounts to your customers, encouraging them to act on them.

Discounts are a crucial part of any e-commerce strategy, whether you’re trying to boost sales during a flash sale, increase your product’s perceived value, or simply get rid of excess inventory. However, it’s important to use discounts sparingly to keep your margins healthy and maintain customer loyalty.

Using discounts too often can decrease the perceived value of your products and damage trust between you and your customers, so it’s best to only offer them on your best-selling products or during special promotional periods. One of the most effective ways to increase sales on your best-selling products is to run a promotion with a “Compare at Price” display.

You can enable this functionality in your Shopify dashboard by clicking on Products and adding the compare at price attribute to your product. This will automatically display the product’s original price compared to its new, discounted price when your customer hovers over the product image. You can also add the compare at price attribute to your products via the bulk editor to save time and set it up more quickly. For example, you can bulk edit the compare at price attribute for all of your products in a smart collection with Konigle’s Bulk Edit App.

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