February 23, 2024

What Does an Inconclusive Covid-19 Test Mean?

Testing for Covid is simple and quick, but the results aren’t always clear. Even with experienced professionals performing the tests and taking the samples, mistakes can happen. And that’s why sometimes a test will come back inconclusive, meaning it wasn’t able to determine whether you have the virus or not. But what does that mean?

In the case of a Covid-19 test, an inconclusive result means that the virus wasn’t found in your sample. This could be because the virus is too new, or because the viral DNA in your sample is too small to detect.

This type of inconclusive result isn’t a sign that you’re not infected, but it does mean that you need to get tested again. In addition, an inconclusive result can also indicate that you’re in the early stages of your infection, a time when you might be most contagious.

Getting an inconclusive drug test result can be frightening. While some people worry they’ll be fired if their test comes back inconclusive, it’s actually not that common. In most cases, drug screening experts will mark a sample as inconclusive when it’s impossible to know whether a person has a certain substance in their system. This is done rather than assume that someone has a drug in their system when they clearly don’t. It also saves resources, as retesting the same sample would be unnecessary.

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