February 22, 2024

What Does Added by 20 Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat?

If you see a notification in your Snapchat that says you’ve been added by someone with 20 mutual friends, it means they have seen your friend list and are recommending you as an easy way to extend their circle. This feature is called “Quick Add,” and it lets users add new friends without having to have their phone number or Snapcode. If you don’t want your name and profile to appear in this list, you can hide yourself from Quick Add by viewing your friend list and tapping the x next to a person.

Snapchat has always been careful with its privacy and is not known to let users check a lot of things on the platform. The application is popular among youngsters for its unique features like one-time snaps, disappearing chat and interesting camera filters. People often wonder if it is possible to check mutual friends on Snapchat, which is not an easy thing to do as the social media app has many privacy policies.

You can check your friends’ Snapchat profiles and the number of mutual friends you have with them by visiting their Snapchat settings page. The first tab on the page will show your recent activity and your pending friend requests, and you can also find the number of mutual friends that you have with them.

You’ll also notice a yellow heart emoji alongside some names which indicates that you have a Bestie relationship. This emoji shows that the other person is your #1 Bestie. If you have a Snapstreak with someone, their name will be highlighted in green and will include a number that reflects how long you have been sending each other Snaps.

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