January 31, 2024

What Does a Head of Growth Do?

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A head of growth is an important asset for any startup that has achieved product-market fit. Unlike traditional marketing profiles that focus on brand development and lead generation, a head of growth is solely focused on growth. They can help your business achieve rapid and sustainable revenue growth by implementing growth hacking strategies. In addition, they are highly skilled at creating and executing growth marketing campaigns that meet specific business objectives.

As a startup grows, the role-profile of a head of growth may need to be redefined. For example, a startup that is post-PMF should consider hiring a head of growth with experience in one or more key growth channels. This will help them scale their reach and accelerate customer acquisition. Alternatively, some startups decide to split their growth team into multiple heads of growth or growth leads and structure them by channel or phase.

Clearly defining the responsibilities and goals of a head of growth is crucial for recruiting candidates with the right skills. In addition, it is important to include a detailed description of your company culture and values as well as the required qualifications and experiences for the role. This will ensure that you attract the right type of candidate for your growth-driven startup.

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