February 22, 2024

What Does a Head of Growth Do?

Head of Growth is a hybrid position that blends marketing, product development, and data analysis to optimize a company’s growth trajectory. Understanding the spectrum of roles that fall under this umbrella term can empower professionals to identify the right career path for their unique skills and aspirations.

Entry-Level Growth Jobs

A growth career begins with a variety of entry-level positions, each offering a different perspective and experience that lay the foundation for future advancement. These roles focus on executing growth initiatives and analyzing marketing funnels, laying the groundwork for a successful transition to a head of growth.

At the next level, a growth specialist focuses on increasing customer retention and reducing churn. Retention marketing managers develop loyalty programs, targeted communication strategies, and personalized offers to increase customer lifetime value and drive business growth. Ultimately, a head of growth is responsible for developing and implementing a wide range of strategies to grow the company, working closely with marketing, sales, product, and data analytics teams to do so.

Finding the Right Growth Leader

A successful head of growth will be comfortable wearing a lot of hats, taking ownership of growth goals and initiatives across all departments and channels. They will be able to quickly adapt their growth strategies as they learn new information and opportunities. They should also be open to feedback from other team members and ready to reassess their approach when necessary.

Recruiting the right person for this role is essential, particularly in early startups that require a hands-on leadership style. Bringing in an executive head of growth too soon can delay the pace at which a company grows, whereas hiring someone who is primarily a people manager may not be the right fit for an ambitious startup looking to scale rapidly.

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