January 29, 2024

What Does a Growth Manager Do?

Getting the right mix of product marketing and development is one of the most difficult tasks for tech startups. A growth manager, sometimes called a product growth manager (PGM) or growth product manager, has a unique perspective that allows them to optimize the growth of an organization. They are skilled at spotting opportunities, understanding how different parts of the funnel interconnect and work together, and making adjustments to improve performance.

Growth managers often have several responsibilities across departments, but most importantly they understand the value of metrics and how they impact the overall company goals. They use data to help guide decisions around how to allocate resources and what experiments need to be conducted. They also provide reports on key metrics to all teams.

Typically, growth managers focus on specific goals like increasing customer lifetime value, boosting conversions, or motivating free users to upgrade to premium products. They can also target certain groups of users like ad retargeting, geo-targeting, and email sequences to nurture leads and drive new customer acquisition.

Ultimately, growth managers are responsible for coordinating and executing a company’s growth plan. They will hone in on the most critical business goal at any given time, and based on that decide how to prioritize efforts, design experiments, ship improvements, and measure results. They will ideally have a dedicated cross-functional team (often called a pod) of engineering, analytics, and design resources to support them, but in organizations that are still developing their PGM function, the PM may be the only person focused on growth.

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