January 31, 2024

What Do Fashion Marketers Do?

Whether you’re a fashion lover or business-savvy entrepreneur, a career in fashion marketing can be rewarding and exciting. However, just like fashion design itself, it’s competitive and requires hard work to succeed. The right mix of creativity, analytical skills, adaptability and a good eye for detail can catapult your career and make you stand out in this fast-moving industry.

What Do Fashion Marketers Do?

Fashion marketers, also called fashion merchandisers, plan and organize how a clothing brand displays its products in stores and online. They work with designers and the people who decide what’s sold to plan new clothes and styles and predict what will be popular next. They also work with creatives to promote the brand using campaigns, social media and collaborations.

They need to know the market inside and out – their target audience, their preferences and trends. They’re also skilled at planning and executing marketing campaigns, as well as analysing data and metrics from past campaigns to improve future efforts.

A background in fashion merchandising is an advantage, as it gives them insight into how the product will look to customers, allowing them to develop effective marketing strategies. They must be able to work within a budget, too, and ensure that their campaigns are cost-effective.

One of the best ways to get started in a career in fashion marketing is to secure an internship with a retailer or a fashion business. Many of these are offered for college credit or a stipend, and can be valuable experience to add to your resume.

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