January 30, 2024

What Data is Google Analytics Unable to Track?

Digital marketing has become a crucial part of every business and Google analytics is one of the most popular analytic tools to measure a website's performance. It has many features that help marketers uncover different layers of a marketing campaign and understand its results in-depth. However, there are certain things that it cannot do. So, what are those things? What data is google analytics unable to track?

This is the most common and most significant issue that people face. Google analytics can only track the activities done on your own site, not on third-party sites that have their own tracking codes such as Facebook or Twitter pixel. So, if you run a Facebook campaign and it brings a huge surge in traffic then that will not be tracked by Google Analytics. The same goes for Twitter and other social media platforms.

To overcome this problem, you can use the "Referral Exclusion List" feature that is available in Google Analytics. You can find this under Admin >> Account >> Property >> View >>Filters. You can add the specific domains that you want to exclude from your traffic reports here.

Another thing that Google Analytics is unable to do is to track Customer's lifetime value (CLV). This metric is very important for a business and shows the overall performance of a customer. It helps the brand to identify how much profit a customer is going to give them and the amount of investment they will make for the future. This metric is not available in the Google Analytics goal setting but you can do this by using a custom variable and goal setting.

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