February 23, 2024

What Can You Find in the Realtime Report?

Unlike the other reports in GA4, Realtime doesn’t allow you to customize what data points you want to see. You can create comparisons though, which is helpful for analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns or seeing how two pages compare. You can also look at specific data points for a single active visitor using the View user snapshot feature.

This article will explain what you can find in the realtime report, how to access it and its benefits. It’ll also touch on some considerations for using the realtime report, such as navigating its limitations.

The realtime report shows the activity on your website or app as it’s happening. This is an important part of GA, and it’s a great way to monitor the response to your marketing efforts or infrastructure changes in real time.

In the realtime report you can see information about who is visiting your site and what actions they’re taking. You can also track how visitors are finding your site with the location card, which shows you what countries your visitors are coming from and how they got there (source, medium or campaign).

If you’re looking to improve your web or mobile application, this report is an essential tool for tracking user behavior in real time. It can help you identify problems with your design or navigation and determine the best ways to optimize it. It’s also a great way to see how your audience responds to marketing initiatives like social media campaigns or new content, so you can make necessary changes immediately.

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