February 23, 2024

What Can You Find in the Realtime Report in Google Analytics 4?

The Realtime report in GA4 is a great way to monitor what’s happening on your website or app as it happens. It provides you with insights cards that show you activity from users as it’s occurring. This is different from UA, where you can only see data on a 30 minute delay.

Realtime is useful to marketers, who can react to what they see in the reports and “pour fuel on a fire”. For example, if you have launched a new campaign and you’re noticing that it’s not getting any traffic, then it’s probably because your tag configuration needs some work. You can use this to quickly troubleshoot your event tagging in GA4 using Google Tag Manager.

You can also use this to test out different marketing tactics such as testing out UTM parameters in a test campaign to ensure that they’re working as intended. The Realtime report will also allow you to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign, such as whether it is driving the right traffic and converting at the desired rate.

Other insights that you can find in the Realtime report include the Location of your visitors (Coming Soon), the top pages viewed by your visitors and their Page title or screen name, as well as the Events that are being triggered by your visitors. You can even view the snapshot of a single user by clicking on the View User Snapshot button in the top right corner of the report.

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