January 30, 2024

What Are the Essential and Effective Components of Customer Empowerment?

Whether it’s the surly clerk who flings your purchase across a counter or an unhelpful brand manager, feeling empowered is not always easy. But customers can take their own power back by taking a stand, voicing their opinions, and sharing their experiences. This is what customer empowerment is all about, and it’s the best way for consumers to keep a company on its toes and provide an optimal buying experience.

Companies can also encourage customer empowerment by giving their employees the freedom and tools to solve problems on their own. This includes giving them autonomy on calls (no more dictating what to say or do) and not micromanaging their decisions. Employees who feel empowered are more likely to enjoy their jobs, be more productive and happy in their roles, and provide better customer service.

Another way to promote customer empowerment is by providing a variety of self-help options that save them time. These can include IVR menus that connect them with the right agent or online forums where they can find quick answers to common questions. One example is Xiaomi’s forum that provides an outlet for customers to share their product experiences, discuss issues and ask questions.

Customer empowerment also includes celebrating success, a great way to build emotional bonds and prevent customer churn. For example, Kajabi, a software platform that helps content creators create and sell their online courses, highlights its customers’ successes on its website by posting videos of them celebrating revenue milestones or new course launches.

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