January 30, 2024

What Action Should You Take When Optimizing a Campaign to Drive Conversions Faster?

We're all in a constant struggle to convert website visitors into leads and then customers. A key component to this is conversion rate optimization (CRO), which involves optimizing your pay-per-click ads and landing pages to improve customer journeys.

While the ultimate goal is a sale, many marketers have several other conversion goals that need to happen before a purchase can be made. These can include things like an email signup, a download of a case study or brochure, or a phone call to schedule a demo. CRO should be applied to these different goals as well to optimize the overall sales funnel.

It's important to remember that your optimizations shouldn’t radically change the user experience from click-to-conversion. This could jar users and cause them to get frustrated and bounce, which is bad for your conversion rate. A good way to make this easier is to use consistent language between the ad and landing page so that the users know they’re in the right place.

It’s also a good idea to regularly review your AdWords account to make sure all the settings are still set as you want them. Look for anomalies like no conversions or ones that suddenly double, and check to see that the tracking tags and pixels are firing as they should.

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