January 30, 2024

Two Reasons a Marketer Might Use Responsive Display Ads

As digital marketers, it’s our job to continually optimize ads and campaigns. Sometimes this involves looking at the click-through rates, conversions, and impressions of different ad creatives and value props. Using responsive display ads is one way we can do this without having to spend a lot of time or resources creating multiple ad versions in various sizes.

Responsive display ads (RDAs) are automatically created by Google using images and copy you, the advertiser, upload. Google combines and adjusts these to fit every available ad space across the Google Display Network.

The main reason for a marketer to use RDAs is to reduce the amount of effort needed to create and manage their ads. Creating standard image ads requires a lot of assets in a variety of sizes, including logos, images, and text. This can be a significant burden for small businesses that don’t have the internal design resources to create their own ads or a budget large enough to engage with outside designers.

In addition to saving time, responsive display ads can also save money. Since the ad will be able to adapt to any ad space, you can reach more people with less expensive ad placements. They’re also great for remarketing to visitors who fit your ideal audience, but may not be ready to purchase right away. This helps to keep your brand top of mind and nurture them into future customers.

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