February 22, 2024

Two Major Forms of Direct Response Television Marketing

Whether you are an entrepreneur hawking a revolutionary product, a brand advertiser looking for a more accountable advertising mechanism, or just a marketer seeking to generate sales leads, direct response television (DRTV) is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available. Unlike traditional TV commercials that aim to increase awareness and brand affinity, DRTV spots are designed to inspire a specific response from the audience – whether that be picking up the phone, heading into a retail store for a closer look or visiting a website. With the right approach, expertise and guidance, a compelling DRTV campaign can transform a business overnight.

Traditionally, DRTV campaigns have been expensive to produce and difficult to measure. This has deterred some marketers and contact centers, who are reluctant to invest the time and money required to get a campaign live. Fortunately, the development of DRTV technology has helped to alleviate these concerns by making the creative production and measurement process much less expensive and time consuming.

Two major forms of DRTV marketing include home shopping channels and infomercials. Home shopping channels are dedicated networks that feature products for immediate purchase and often offer bargain prices. Infomercials are extended commercials, usually 30 minutes in length, that persuasively describe a product and give customers a toll free number or a web site for ordering. In both cases, consumers are encouraged to act quickly to avoid missing out on the "while supplies last" sale.

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