January 31, 2024

The Biggest Mistake That People Make With Keyword Targeting

The biggest mistake that people make with keyword targeting is forgetting to target the right audience. This can lead to expensive clicks from people who are not in your market, which will not help you achieve your goals.

Another mistake is failing to use geographic targeting. This allows you to target searchers who are within a certain radius of your business location, which is particularly useful for local businesses. It also avoids you from spending money on searches that are irrelevant to your business, and it helps you maintain a high quality score.

One last common mistake is failing to align keyword research with marketing goals. For example, if your brand positioning is to be seen as a luxury product, it might not be appropriate to use keywords like "cheap watches." These words can lead to low clicks and poor conversions, so you should always consider your brand identity when making keyword decisions.

Finally, it's important to keep your ad campaigns from becoming stale by continuously testing new keywords and keeping an eye on performance. It's easy to lose your top spot for a search term when competitors ramp up their efforts, so it's crucial to keep monitoring trends and competitor activity.

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