May 15, 2024

Static vs Active Lists in HubSpot: Which Is Right for You?

Utilizing segmentation tools in HubSpot is a critical strategy for managing your data effectively. HubSpot offers a range of powerful tools designed to segment records, each with unique functionalities that cater to different needs in your data management and marketing efforts.

Overview of HubSpot Segmentation Tools

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HubSpot provides several methods for segmenting records, ensuring that you can efficiently manage and utilize your data. The key segmentation tools in HubSpot include saved views, active lists, and static lists.

Saved Views


Saved views apply to HubSpot's standard objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects) and some HubSpot-defined objects (calls, marketing events, and target accounts). They allow you to quickly view segments of your database directly from each object's index page based on property values.


Saved views enable you to rapidly access and view specific segments of your records based on certain criteria. They are particularly useful for quick, on-the-fly segmentation needs.

Use Case

An example of a saved view may include viewing all contacts from a specific company or those with a particular deal status.


Applicable Objects

Lists can be used with contacts, companies, deals, and custom objects. These lists offer expanded criteria, which allow you to not only segment records based on their property values but also other criteria like related object properties, page views, form submissions, and email interactions.

Types of Lists

Active Lists

Active lists are dynamic and automatically updated as records meet or cease to meet specified criteria. Records join the list when they meet the criteria and leave when they no longer do.

Example Use Case

An example of an active list would be sending multiple email campaigns to a continually updating subset of subscribed contacts. This ensures that your communications are always reaching the most relevant audience.

Static Lists

Static lists, on the other hand, do not update automatically after they are created. They represent a snapshot of records based on a set of criteria at a specific point in time. You can manually add or remove records from a static list.

Example Use Case

An example of a static list might be tracking contacts from a specific event, such as a trade show or webinar, where you need a fixed list of participants to follow up with.

Integration and Utility of Lists

Lists in HubSpot are incredibly versatile and can be integrated with various other tools within HubSpot. Their uses include:

  • Marketing emails
  • Workflows
  • Custom reports
  • Ad audiences
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

This integration provides significant flexibility in managing campaigns and ensuring targeted communication efforts reach the appropriate segments.

How to Create and Use Views and Lists

HubSpot offers comprehensive instructions and tips on creating saved views and lists, ensuring that users can fully leverage these features for optimal database segmentation. Proper use of these tools will enable you to manage your data more effectively and execute more targeted campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the differences in functionality and use cases between saved views, active lists, and static lists.
  • Utilize practical examples to illustrate how each segmentation tool can be applied within HubSpot.
  • Consider the advantages of each method in managing and targeting database records effectively.
  • Integrate lists with other HubSpot tools for enhanced campaign execution and data insights.

This structured approach will guide you in applying these segmentation strategies within HubSpot to achieve your data management and marketing goals effectively.

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