January 29, 2024

Setting Up a Goal in Google Analytics

If you’re setting up a goal in google analytics it’s important to think through the strategic implications. Traffic is nice, but you want to make sure that you are measuring what matters most for your business. This article will walk through a basic goal template as well as some more advanced use cases to help you understand how to set up goals that actually drive real business value.

The first step to creating a goal in google analytics is to go to your admin section and click the red ‘+ New goal’ button. You will then be prompted to select the type of goal you want to create. There are several templates to choose from but we recommend choosing an event goal as these will give you the best insight into your conversion funnel.

Event goals are triggered based on the completion of an action on your site, such as a form submission or even a visitor clicking on a specific link. You can then choose to configure a destination page and a value for the goal. To do this you need to be sure that your event tracking code (which can either be set up via google tag manager or hard-coded into links and other site elements) matches the goal configuration (‘goal details’) exactly.

Setting up a goal in google analytics will allow you to start tracking and reporting on data from the moment it is active. You will be able to see this information in your audience overview report and within other google analytics reports, such as ecommerce or website search performance.

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