February 23, 2024

Seeing Someone's Snapchat Best Friends Hack

Snapchat keeps track of how frequently you chat with friends and assigns them to different tiers. Your best friends get special friend emojis next to their name. You can also add them as Super BFFs by sending them a bunch of snaps and having them reciprocate.

In previous versions of the app, you could see your friends’ lists of besties, but that feature has been taken out in recent updates. In addition, it’s against the terms of service to view someone else’s list of besties unless you know their username and password or they’ve made their best friends list public.

Seeing Someone’s Snapchat Best Friends Hack

Generally speaking, people on your best friends list are the ones you interact with the most. Snapchat’s algorithm looks at how often you message each other, what kind of snaps you send each other, and if you have snap streaks with them. Typically, people will move onto your besties list after you’ve been chatting with them for about a week or so, and they’ve sent you lots of snaps.

If you want to remove someone from your besties list, you’ll have to stop messaging them as frequently. Snapchat will recalculate your score and reset your besties list. If you really want to clear them, you can block them and unblock them, but that’s usually considered a little bit creepy.

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