January 30, 2024

Planning Your Website

You should always plan out your website before you begin the design process. It is much more difficult to fit content into a design, than it is to build your website with content first and then create the design around that. Ideally you should have your key pages prepped (home, about, services/rates, testimonial/reviews and contact) before you start mapping out the layout.

Developing clear objectives for your website is an important step in planning your site because it ensures that all aspects of the project are strategically aligned to meet business goals and provide a satisfying experience for visitors. Defining clear objectives will also help you measure the success of your site and determine how it could be improved in the future.

Another crucial aspect of planning your website is understanding your target audience and how you want to connect with them through the website. One popular method for defining your target audience is creating a user persona. Creating a user persona will help you keep your focus on your visitors and their needs rather than on what you think your website should look like (a common mistake).

Once you have determined your objectives, audience and how you want to connect with your users, the next step is deciding how you’ll build your website. This will include choosing between a simple drag-and-drop website builder, a CMS such as WordPress (which requires a bit more technical know-how), or hiring a professional web designer. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll use custom code or choose a pre-designed template.

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