January 31, 2024

Pandora Introduces Thumbprint Radio

The biggest music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music all have playlist tools that allow users to build their own customized radio stations. Pandora has now joined the club with its new Thumbprint Radio. It will let you create a personalized station that includes every track you’ve given a thumbs up on the platform, over your entire listening history.

The Thumbprint Radio station mixes all the tracks you’ve ever given a thumbs up on, as well as similar songs and artists that Pandora thinks you might like. It’s available today to any user with at least three stations that have four or more thumbed up songs apiece, and it will be created in your “My Collection” station list. It won’t count against the 100 stations you can create in Pandora, and it will be updated as you give more thumbs up or remove thumbs down from your other stations.

Thumbprint Radio can also be accessed through the main page of the Pandora app, or by searching for “Thumbprint Radio” in the search box on the mobile site. Unlike the regular custom playlists you can create in your account, Thumbprint Radio will be a radio-style station that plays a mix of all your thumbed up songs and tracks that Pandora feels are similar to them.

You can also edit your Thumbprint Radio as you go along, by tapping on the small pencil icon that’s next to the station name to open up the backstage screen. On the backstage screen, you can see your Thumb Up Songs and your Thum Down songs, and you can tap on a song or artist to thumb it up or down again.

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