January 31, 2024

No Matter What Future YouTube, Be Careful With What You Say and Do

YouTube is a great platform for passionate people to express themselves and do what they love. However, if you’re a creator on YouTube, you have to be very careful with what you say and what you do because it can easily get taken out of context and lead to a lot of drama.

Currently, it seems like there is no other network that can compete with YouTube because they have a complete monopoly on video hosting, but perhaps in the future, one of the tech giants will release a rival network to give more options to YouTube users. This could potentially be a safer option because it’s not owned by a huge corporation who may have their own political agenda or interests that they want to push on the audience.

For example, the new CEO of YouTube Neal Mohan has set out a clear vision for the future of YouTube that includes various new creator monetization and expression tools along with more developments on YouTube TV, generative AI, and podcasts. However, it also appears to include a clampdown on controversial videos with some creators being demonetized for content that doesn’t fit with the corporate ideology. This has been a huge problem for many popular channels that depend on YouTube to be their primary source of income, including a number of notable creators such as Steven Crowder who has turned to Patreon and PewDiePie who has made an entire business out of their gaming chairs.

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