February 23, 2024

My Video Went Viral on TikTok Now What?

When a video goes viral on TikTok, it gains massive visibility, expands audience reach, and generates sales. It is no wonder that so many brands are aiming for this kind of success. However, achieving this goal takes more than just creating an interesting and entertaining video. It is important to understand how the platform’s algorithm works and what factors contribute to virality.

Videos that go viral on TikTok are usually funny, culturally relevant, or related to a viral trend. The platform also favors videos that showcase a talent or skill, such as dancing, cooking, or beauty skills. Videos that make people feel good and are aspirational, such as inspiring stories or positive quotes, also have a high potential for going viral.

Another key factor in virality is using relevant and trending music for your videos. This will improve your chances of the platform’s algorithm featuring your content on users’ “For You” pages. Moreover, using trending music will help you attract more viewers and grow your following.

It can be tempting to drop a product link in the comments immediately if you’re doing a review or trying to monetize your video with affiliate links. This method can backfire, especially if you don’t have the proper disclosures in place.

In addition to the video content, a call to action in the video caption and/or at the end of the video is crucial to drive engagement and growth. Encourage your viewers to like and comment on your video, as well as follow you for more content.

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