January 30, 2024

LinkedIn SSI - How to Find and Connect With Prospects

LinkedIn is the professional network, and as such it has some features that other social media platforms don’t offer – like the SSI (Social Selling Index) score. SSI is a tool for measuring the effectiveness of your sales tactics on the platform, and can help you identify your best strategy for finding and connecting with prospects.

The SSI score is based on four factors: Establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. These four criteria are essential for ensuring that you’re finding and engaging with the right people, and that you’re sending the right message – prior to more salesy conversations – to potential customers.

Identifying the right people to connect with is a key aspect of building your SSI score, and can be done through various methods. This includes the use of LinkedIn’s sales tools, such as Sales Navigator; but it can also be done organically. LinkedIn recommends focusing on people who can add value to your business – whether that’s potential clients, candidates, or other industry influencers.

You can improve your SSI by filling out all of the sections that LinkedIn provides to the maximum capacity, and by increasing your engagement on the site. This can be done by commenting or sharing posts that you find interesting, and by networking at your peer level. You can also boost your SSI by publishing and sharing your own content, and by joining relevant groups.

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