February 23, 2024

How Would You Improve YouTube For Small Creators?

Whether it's for entertainment, music, vlogs, skills development or educational videos YouTube is an amazing platform for its users. However, it has its drawbacks too. Users face many issues such as difficulty in monetizing their content, finding relevant recommendations, dealing with spammy or low-quality content, or the struggle to get noticed among a large pool of creators.

YouTube needs to do more for small creators. This includes making it easier to monetize content, getting recommended videos in front of audiences and promoting their channels. They also need more tools to create engaging, high-quality videos that will drive subscriber growth.

The most important thing you can do is to create content people want to watch. This means having a clear and concise video title, description, tags, and playlists. It's also essential to upload regular videos, especially at a predictable schedule (every week or every other day). This will boost your channel's ranking in the algorithm and keep viewers coming back for more.

Create interesting and captivating thumbnails that will stand out on the platform. You can A/B test different designs and use analytics to see which ones perform the best. It's also a good idea to create a brand style that is unique to your channel, such as a catchphrase, intro song, or graphics that identify the content you produce.

Adding end screens is another easy way to keep your viewers watching. However, make sure that the on-screen presenter is still talking and giving information to the audience when you insert the card. End screens that don't engage the viewer will cause them to click away.

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