January 30, 2024

How to Write a Business Article

Business articles are a key component of any marketing strategy, sharing information about your company to educate and engage your audience. They help build brand trust, boost sales and growth, and showcase your expertise in your field.

Writing a business article starts with research and finding the right topic for your audience. Then, you want to ensure the content you’re producing will be found by your audience, so search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical factor.

A well-written business article also takes time to edit. This is a crucial step for making sure your article has all of the nuances and style considerations that will appeal to your audience. This is where you can make sure your article is clear and free of errors that may have made their way into the draft phase of the writing process.

Creating engaging and shareable business content requires writing etiquette that includes using simple language, short paragraphs, and providing helpful images when possible. Business articles that are easy to read will have the best chance of success in your search engine marketing strategy.

Remember that people don’t read business documents like they do books. In the real world, they’re scanned – their eyeballs zoom by at speeds of just under the speed of sound at sea level (340 meters per second). The quickest way to get those eyeballs to stop is by highlighting the relevant information with easy-to-read titles, subject lines and headings. Then, you’ll want to include paragraphs that deliver value-adding information based on the specific subject matter of each of those headings.

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