January 30, 2024

How to View Scheduled Tweets

If you’re a social media manager or work on multiple Twitter accounts, the ability to view scheduled tweets is extremely valuable. This feature helps you keep track of your schedule and ensure that everything goes live on time.

It’s important to balance scheduling with the benefits of being present on Twitter in real-time. Tweets that are sent while you’re not available can look impersonal and stale, and your audience will be less likely to engage with your business as a result.

When you want to schedule a Tweet, click the ‘New Tweet’ button in the top right corner of your Twitter page. Then write your Tweet and select the date and time you want it to go live.

You can also add any media like photos, videos, GIFs, and polls to your Tweet from the Composer screen. Once you’re happy with the content of your Tweet, select the calendar/clock icon to open scheduling options.

This will give you the option to set a specific date and time for your Tweet to go live, as well as the option to create queues of Tweets that will be posted at regular intervals. This is especially useful if you’re running a marketing campaign or a time-sensitive event.

Once you’ve finished making your schedule, you can edit or delete it from the Sprout dashboard. You can even edit a scheduled tweet that’s been sent by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. If you have a large number of Tweets already scheduled, you can also use our upcoming features to manage them all in one place.

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